Crochet Pocket Hug Printable with amigurumi heart attached.

Crochet Pocket Hug Printable

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When Valentine’s Day gets near on the calendar, I start thinking about new things to make. This year, I wanted to combine crochet with a printable valentine and I thought – why not make a “pocket hug”? Have you heard of pocket hugs? You make a loved one something small enough to carry in their pocket that reminds them you love them.

To combine this idea with crochet, I went back to a pattern I use time and time again, my Amigurumi Heart Pattern. I love this pattern because it is SO quick and easy! It comes in two sizes, though both are quite small, and the result is a perfect heart shape.

Making the Hearts

I reworked this heart pattern using some yarn I had on hand from a Scheepjes Mini Pack I bought awhile ago. To make hearts that would easily fit in the space on the Crochet Pocket Hug Printable, I adjusted the smaller heart pattern slightly. I used a 3.00mm crochet hook and sport weight yarn. Since all crocheters have slightly different tension, which can affect finished sizes, you may want to experiment with different yarns and hook sizes to get the size heart you like.

Amigurumi hearts with crochet hook

Adding the Hearts to the Pocket Hug Printable

When you’re all set to print your own Pocket Hugs, you can use the files linked below. There are two printable options – one smaller and one larger. This way, you can pick the size that works best based on the yarn you use for your own hearts. These links will open into free PDFs that you can print right from home. I used white cardstock for the cards pictured here, but colored cardstock would be fun too.

Crochet Pocket Hug Printable, with scissors for cutting out.

Once I had the cards printed and cut apart, I used a bit of leftover yarn to attach the hearts to the cards. Using my yarn needle, I poked small holes through the back of the card. Then I threaded the yarn through the card and the back of the heart, tying a little bow in the back. You can also attach the hearts with double sided tape, but I thought the yarn would be more secure.

Attaching hearts to printable cards.

I hope you enjoy giving your own Pocket Hugs to your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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