jack-o-lantern coasters in three different colors

Crochet Jack-O-Lantern Coasters

As I write this, the calendar has turned from summer to fall and I’m ready to start decorating around the house. I love adding little seasonal details to the main rooms of our home. It makes things feel cozy, and my family loves it too. In that spirit, I decided to crochet some quick jack-o-lantern coasters.

Now, I think crochet coasters can work well enough on their own, but since they have to be able to handle moisture, I decided to hot glue them to a cork coaster surface. It worked so well and made them feel sturdy and more useable. I think you’ll love the result too!

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Tips for Getting Started

This pattern uses a couple of additional materials beyond just yarn. Make sure you read through the materials list and have everything you need before getting started.

You’ll also need to use a technique called colorwork or tapestry crochet for your jack-o-lantern coasters. The basic idea is that you work with more than one color at a time, and alternate between them. There is a right side and a wrong side of the work, with the jack-o-lantern’s face on the right side and the yarn carried behind on the wrong side. If this technique is new to you, don’t worry! I’ll explain more as we go and you’ll have it down in no time.  This video by Happily Hooked is also super helpful if you’re new to colorwork.

Crochet Jack-o-Lantern Coaster Pattern

Materials Used:

Stitches/Abbreviations Used:

  • ch – chain
  • R – row
  • st/sts – stitch/stitches
  • RS – right side
  • WS – wrong side
  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase (work 2 single crochet stitches into the next stitch)

Finished Size:

Each finished pumpkin measures 4″/10cm across.


Like I mentioned before, this pattern has colorwork between your main pumpkin color and black yarn.  This style of colorwork, called tapestry crochet, requires switching between colors without fastening off. There is a right side and a wrong side of the pattern (marked in each row).  The right side of the work will show the jack-o-lantern face and the wrong side will hide your color changes.

When working on the right side, I recommend carrying the unused color behind your stitches.  Then, when working on the wrong side, I recommend dropping the yarn you’re not using until you need it.  Then, pick it up, allowing the extra yarn to float behind your stitches.

Close up photo of the right and wrong side of tapestry crochet

When you make your color changes, before finishing the last stitch with the old color, with the last 2 loops on the hook, drop the old color, pick up the new color, yarn over and complete the stitch. Now the new color will be on your hook and you can begin the next stitch.


The pumpkin is worked from the bottom to the top. You can follow this written pattern, along with the colorwork chart below, to help you as you go.

Using main color, ch 8.
R1 (RS): Sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each across. Ch 1, turn. (7)
R2 (WS): Inc, 5 sc, inc. Ch 1, turn. (9)

Jack-o-Lantern COLORWORK

The colorwork between the main color and black begins in row 3 and continues through row 12.  You will alternate between colors as you single crochet in each st across. The color changes are in the written pattern and in the chart below.

R3 (RS): Inc in main color, 7 sc in black, inc in main color. Ch 1, turn. (11)
R4 (WS): 2 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 1 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 1 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 1 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 2 sc in main color. Ch 1, turn.
R5 (RS): 1 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 6 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 2 sc in main color. Ch 1, turn.
R6 (WS): In main color, inc, 9 sc, inc. Ch 1, turn. (13)
R7 (RS): 5 sc in main color, 2 sc in black, 6 sc in main color. Ch 1, turn.
R8 (WS): 6 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 6 sc in main color. Ch 1, turn.
R9 (RS): In main color, sc in each st across. Ch 1, turn.
R10 (WS): In main color, sc2tog, 9 sc, sc2tog. Ch 1, turn. (11)
R11 (RS): 1 sc in main color, 2 sc in black, 4 sc in main color, 2 sc in black, 2 sc in main color. Ch 1, turn.
R12 (WS): 2 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 5 sc in main color, 1 sc in black, 2 sc in main color. Ch 1, turn.
R13 (RS): In main color, sc2tog, 7 sc, sc2tog. Ch 1, turn. (9)
R14 (WS): In main color, sc2tog, 5 sc, sc2tog. Ch 1, turn. (7)

Turn without chaining, so the right side is facing you, and single crochet evenly around entire shape. Then fasten off, and weave in all ends.

Jack-o-lantern colorwork chart

Putting it all Together

Once you’ve got the jack-o-lantern crocheted, it’s time to put your coasters together. First, cut a piece of jute for your stem. Since I used wired jute ribbon, I cut a piece double the length I wanted, folded it in half, and twisted it. Next, use your hot glue gun to glue the stem (with the cut side down) onto the top of the cork coaster.

Photo collage showing steps to glue on stem

Finally, cover the entire cork surface with hot glue and press the jack-o-lantern down, making sure the edges are completely glued down all around the pumpkin. Once the glue is completely cooled down, you can use your coaster!

Crochet jack-o-lantern coasters

Well crocheters, I hope you enjoyed making these coasters! I know they’ll look super cute on your coffee tables all October long. Let me know in the comments what colors you decided to use! And if you’re looking for more free patterns, head here and take a peek.

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